About Us

We manufacture on trend table bases and tables driven by quality and exceptional value.


Who We Are

Hey there! We’re the enthusiastic team at MODSILVER, where we infuse fun and functionality into office tables that make your space shine. Since launching in 2008, we’ve kept all our operations close to home, ensuring every piece we create meets our high standards.

Our Mission

To turn every office into a vibrant, comfortable hub of creativity. We’re just the right size to care deeply about every client and project, providing personalized service and solutions tailored just for you.

Our Products

Our in-house capabilities are our pride and joy. With advanced powder coating and revolutionary laser welding right at our fingertips, we craft everything from the coolest adjustable desks to the sleekest conference tables. And we’re not stopping there—our upcoming Configura CET extension will redefine customization, making it even easier to specify and personalize workplaces.

Why Choose Us

Opt for MODSILVER Table “Based” Solutions and you’re not just choosing furniture, you’re choosing a partner who brings excitement back to your workspace. Our friendly team is dedicated to innovation and sustainability, crafting not only workspaces but also relationships.



We provide table bases and complete tables to office furniture manufacturers, office furniture dealers, schools and universities, interior designers, hotels, and the ergonomic furniture industry.

Contract Office

Retail Office

Interior Design

Educational and Healthcare


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MODSILVER is your ideal table base partner. Small enough to care, and expertly equipped to enthuse your customer “base”.

As you may know, we offer same day shipping on our imported products…But, we truly enjoy designing and delivering our Michigan made table components. Let’s explore your New Modern Ideas and keep office furniture EXCITING!