Do you offer hospitality and restaurant-style table bases and table legs?

MODSILVER stocks two styles of hospitality/restaurant style bases: Cast Iron and Low Profile. Our Cast Iron table bases are extremely durable and feature a textured Black finish. Cast Iron table bases are offered in the following styles: X-base, disc base, and T-base. Our Low Profile table bases are another nice option. They are stocked in Silver and feature a smooth powder-coat finish. These Low Profile table bases are offered in both round, square, and rectangular base plates. The Low Profile table base uprights can also be made round or square. Low Profile bases can be used in office or hospitality settings and offer a very nice alternative to Cast Iron product.

Does MODSILVER stock flip-and-roll table bases?

Yes, MODSILVER stocks flip-and-roll table bases in Platinum/Silver for same day shipping. We offer four styles: the 2460 with 2” black casters, the 5060 with cool 3” white casters, 7060EXTREME with brushed aluminum accents and full nesting capabilities, and our latest additoin 8000MODFLEX with telescoping width capabilities. The bases can accommodate work surfaces from 24-30” depths and 48-72” table lengths.

Do you offer any disc bases in cast iron and or flat solid steel?

Yes, MODSILVER stocks cast iron table bases for the hospitality market. The heavy bottom and textured finish of cast iron will always have a place in restaurant and break-room settings. We powder coat them in black because powder coating cast iron can be risky due to the textured finish, but we’re always open to custom options.

Do you have caster models available?

MODSILVER stocks caster models in post legs, T-bases, C-bases, H-bases, and X-bases. Many other models can be cut down or modified for the additional height that casters add. We can often modify and ship the same day.

Are your table legs fully welded or sold KD?

All MODSILVER table bases are fully welded, with the exception of our X-bases. You’ll find the fully welded bases to be maintenance free and the best overall value for non X-base applications.

Do you offer crossbars to connect some table bases?

Yes, we can add round crossbars to our tubular T, C, and H-bases to eliminate lateral sway. We also use square tubing to connect our modLine bases and benching systems. We highly recommend adding crossbars on bar height tables. They are reasonably priced for the stability they provide.

Do you offer any bases designed for benching?

Our modLine O-base is our flagship for benching applications. We offer this base in widths from 18″ to 60″. It’s quite versatile. Our modLine A-base and modLine U-base are also great options for benching. We suggest adding cross bars to eliminate lateral sway in some applications. Our 2″ modLine square straight leg makes a great benching choice as well.

Do you stock any bar height bases and legs?

Yes, we offer a full selection of in stock round tubular legs. Also in stock are 2″ round, 3″ round, 24″ and 30″ T-bases and H-bases, and all sizes of X-bases for same day shipping in bar or standing height. We also manufacture any style base in 34.75″ height so that, with the addition of a top, they reach 36″ counter height.