What products do you offer in TROUT powder coat finish?

TROUT lends itself nicely to our Industrial Collection like modLine Industrial H-bases and modLine V-bases. These are our best sellers in TROUT. Our modLine Low Profile T, C, and X-bases are also gaining steam and catching some attention. Low Profile disc bases are also a great product for TROUT as we can show off tons of surface area for a very natural and retro style.

What is your TROUT powder coat finish about?

MODSILVER is proud to introduce our new unique powder coat process/finish – TROUT. Why limit paint or powder coat to solid colors only? TROUT CLEAR puts a magnifying glass to the natural beauty of US made steel. We utilize a specialized phosphate wash and then apply a durable clear powder coat finish that will make your table bases come to life.

There are 2 TROUT powder coating options:

  • TROUT Gloss
  • TROUT Matte

The most popular TROUT finish is TROUT Matte, but each finish has its very own unique look and feel.

What are your standard powder coat colors?

Many of our products are stocked in black and silver, with some just black, and some just silver. Our modLine product line is stocked in Silver for a more refined look. We can powder coat any table leg or table base quickly. We offer 16 stock powder-coat finishes:

  • Aspen Green
  • Colonial Blue
  • Cotton Candy
  • Terra Cotta
  • Trout Clear Matte or Gloss
  • Gold Smith
  • Desert Brass
  • Kromezone
  • Inner Tone Light
  • Inner Tone
  • Medium Tone
  • Graphite
  • Textured White
  • Silver
  • Textured Black
  • Black